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Centuries-old forests cover almost one-third of the area of the City of Zagreb. They are well preserved autochthonous and natural structures, insomuch that they have become a kind of city oases. In the area of agriculture and rural space, in its narrow and wide surroundings, the City of Zagreb implements a local agricultural sustainable development policy which revolves around the idea of Zagreb as a market centre and its natural attributes that determine the priorities for branches of agricultural production
The “Zagreb City Gardens” – landscaping and equipping of the city-owned arable land project has been widely accepted. Its objective is to provide part of the arable land to citizens for food production (vegetables and soft fruit/berries), herbs and flowers/plants for personal needs. The project is a positive example of sustainable utilisation of city-owned land, which can improve the social, health, economic and ecological aspects of the quality of life of citizens. The city gardens make healthy food available, improve the citizens’ household budgets, contribute to the preservation of a healthier environment, preservation of biodiversity and the citizens’ ecological awareness. They strengthen the bond with nature, contribute to healthy free-time activities and promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as develop the partnership between the City of Zagreb and its citizens.

The rural infrastructure in the direct vicinity of the urban part of the City offers great potential for removing oneself from the city hustle, noise and stress. People can escape the fast-pace city life and relax in the calming presence of greenery and breathe in the clean and fresh air. The crown jewel is the centuries-old city forests, the autochthonous and natural structure of which has been exquisitely well preserved, making them a kind of city oases.

Given the unique blend of urban and rural, the City of Zagreb can boast the level of development of its rural tourism offer, which consists of nature parks and the rest of the rural area heritage, panoramic rides, the rural landscape experience and agricultural farms.

Animal Care
The approximately hundred thousand pets in Zagreb are cause enough for Zagreb to implement a responsible and considerate animal protection and care policy, paying special attention to conditions and methods for keeping of pets, rules for keeping domestic animals and ensuring the functioning of the disposal service. Accordingly, special care is provided for the abandoned, lost, wounded and abused animals in the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb (Dumovec) and the Zagreb Zoo.