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The concentration of business entities, i.e. entrepreneurs, an educated workforce, a diverse offer of specialised business services and development of high-tech sectors of the economy are the development forces of the City of Zagreb. The City administration has been continuously developing, promoting and implementing innovative ideas and capital projects with its active policy, which is evidenced by the fact that over 50% of direct foreign investments and almost a third of Croatian GDP are realised in Zagreb.

The City of Zagreb, as the driving force behind the Croatian economy, being the business, industrial, scientific, educational, research and financial centre, encourages and develops an economy based on entrepreneurship, knowledge and innovations, as well as on a quality goods and services market, with a special focus on developing and advancing the labour market and the educational system. Such initiative demonstrates the City’s desire to promote entrepreneurship and do everything in its power to, within its jurisdiction in the economy and economic infrastructure, encourage the creation of new jobs and to create better material and social perspective of its citizens.

The activities of Zagrebački holding, a company owned entirely by the City of Zagreb, promote an efficient provision of communal and other urban services. As the owner and founder of the Zagreb Innovation Centre ZICER, the City of Zagreb supports anyone who wishes to embark into entrepreneurial waters by developing an innovative idea or a product.

Traffic connectivity: The City of Zagreb is situated in central Croatia, enabling quick and easy connection to both continental and coastal parts of the country. The recently built Franjo Tuđman Airport, on a mere 20-minute-ride from the city centre, connects the city to numerous European cities and offers direct flights to Canada, Asia and Russia.

If you prefer traveling by car, you ought to know that Zagreb is situated along the
Trans-European Transport Networks corridors linking Western and Eastern, as well as Southern and Northern Europe. Croatian highways, one of the best infrastructures in Europe, connect us with all our neighbours and provide easy access to every part of Croatia. The Adriatic Sea is a mere 2-hour-highway-ride from Zagreb.

The Zagreb Bus Station is near the city centre and it provides its users with a fast and safe mode of transportation. With the Station’s 44 platforms, buses connect Zagreb to the rest of Croatia, as well as to most European capitals.

Zagreb is also very well connected via its railroad network by the Urban-Suburban Railroad system.

The continuous investments in the public city transport also grant the City’s metropolis status – the tram fleet has undergone several modernization projects since 2005, when the first locally produced low-floor tram was introduced to the streets of Zagreb. Investment projects that include new buses and specialised vehicles for the transport of persons with disabilities, positions Zagreb as high-standard on the scale of public transport.
The City of Zagreb, as Croatia’s capital, has an obligation and responsibility to continuously implement an efficient energy policy and environmental protection policy with the fundamental goal of fulfilment of the sustainable development requirements. This includes such development that satisfies the needs of the current generations and is, at the same time, in harmony with nature, ensuring the future generations’ fulfilment of needs. Therefore, the City of Zagreb’s administration is resolutely and actively implementing the planned measures and processes for energetically sustainable development for the realization of the vision, the City of Zagreb - a sustainable development city.
For such efforts to succeed it is vital to develop an awareness of the sustainable environmental development in every individual, as well as in the society as a whole, wherein the City of Zagreb pays special attention to children and youths. Accordingly, eco-schools and eco-kindergartens are one of the very important projects of the City of Zagreb, focusing on environmental protection education. Teaching about environment protection and rational waste management should begin at the earliest age possible so that children could develop the knowledge, skills and habits of environment protection and become aware of the necessity of responsible behaviour towards nature and its resources. In this way, new generations of ecologically conscious young people are brought up, whose now-established positive habits will guarantee a clean and safe future.