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The City of Zagreb has a long tradition of healthcare and an outstanding level of healthcare service based on the overall acceptance of the “Health for All” concept, that ensures comprehensive medical assistance and treatment for every citizen. Protection, preservation and advancement of health in the City of Zagreb are being provided through three levels of healthcare (primary, secondary and tertiary) that are interconnected by professional and scientific cooperation.

Since the local community development is primarily aimed at improving the quality of life and health, the City of Zagreb has initiated and is implementing a series of programmes and projects aimed at improving the quality of life and preserving and advancing the health of its citizens. This consists of elements promoting health, prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The “Health for All” strategy is based on a permanent goal of achieving the full potential of health for all, with the priority to promote and preserve health throughout human life and decrease the incidence of the leading diseases and injuries of today.

The City of Zagreb participates in the World Health Organization’s “Healthy Cities” project, which significantly encourages development aimed at improving and protecting the environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy relations among citizens, redirecting the healthcare service priorities towards preventive medicine and health improvement – in short, towards a social health policy.
The governing body for sports activities in the City of Zagreb is the City of Zagreb Sports Association, which encourages, promotes and develops the policy of improving sports. The development of sports in Zagreb is based on the inclusion of as many citizens as possible for active utilisation of sports programmes, the development of young athletes and creating a continuity of outstanding sports achievements.
The City tries to provide its talented athletes, especially the benchmarks of the city and national quality sports, the best possible conditions for preparations for national and international competitions. Activities aimed at ensuring the best possible conditions for development and advancement of adaptive sports for persons with disabilities and the deaf should also be mentioned. For this numerous sporting population to implement its extensive programmes, the City of Zagreb owns and operates 162 sports facilities. These venues also host grand sporting events of world-class reputation.

In addition to tradition and development, Zagreb sport can proudly boast its results. Namely, most of the medals won at international competitions for Croatia stem from the Zagreb sports system. In addition to the organised competitive sports activities, the City of Zagreb organises numerous different sports and recreational activities, including Sport for All, World Hike Day, the Zagreb Marathon and many others.
Sport in numbers: The City of Zagreb Sports Association consists of 71 member associations, out of which 63 are regular, 3 affiliated and 4 temporary members; around 800 clubs and around 20 professional sports associations; 18,500 active senior athletes, 40,000 younger athletes and 50,000 recreational enthusiasts; around 1,100 associations, companies and institutions that operate in the City of Zagreb, have been registered in accordance with the Sports Act and gather their members and carry out different sporting programmes and activities; 162 sporting venues owned and operated by the City.
A fast and affordable mode of transportation to the desired destination on short (as well as long) distances, healthy exercise, environmentally friendly solution, sporting activity and excellent recreation are all combined in one sport - cycling. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular and the City of Zagreb has been investing vigorously in the cycling infrastructure through a series of projects in the last few years, encouraging citizens and tourists alike to use bicycles as a mode of transportation as often as possible.
In the City of Zagreb, cycling is becoming increasingly important, especially in this age of pollution when the rising number of automobiles generates traffic jams. We strive to enable cyclists to move freely throughout the City, we follow trends, are expanding the cycling roads network and building a cycling culture.

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