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Social protection

Zagreb could be referred to as a city that fosters and encourages excellence in every operational segment, especially in the education and social protection area, where high standards of care for the citizens have been set.

As Zagreb is one of the most socially responsible cities in the Republic of Croatia, great attention is paid to social welfare, granting of rights, as well as assistance and protection of those in need due to different life circumstances. Furthermore, the
City of Zagreb cares for its citizens, from infants to the elderly, by improving their living conditions.

The needs of the citizens are continuously monitored and measures that include tangible assistance in kind, nutrition, financial help, housing and other services that encompass all age groups, from infants to the elderly, persons with disabilities, victims of violence and other marginalized groups, are created, with an above standard level of rights and services often being provided.

The eligibility to receive grants for projects submitted to the European Social Fund, as well as other EU programmes are utilized in a significant way. This is done through partnership with associations and institutions in the Zagreb area, as well as with other local self-government units, institutions and associations from other countries.
The numerous educational institutions, as well as the diverse services and programmes of the City of Zagreb, offer many possibilities to children and youths, but also to those that wish to continue their education through the lifelong learning system. The quality of the educational institutions is evidenced in the fact that the students of the City of Zagreb regularly win regional and national competitions, especially in the multimedia and IT field, as well as in mathematical sciences. The City offers a wide range of preschool, elementary school and secondary schools where classes are taught in French, English and German, based on different national curricula (Croatian, German, French, British and American), as well as the internationally certified programmes such as the IB Diploma, Middle and Primary Years and Cambridge Secondary and Advanced programmes.
The University of Zagreb is the oldest, largest and, in the academic and research sense, the leading university in the Republic of Croatia. It offers a wide spectrum of comprehensive higher education in the areas of biomedicine, biotechnology, social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, mechanical engineering and art. It has a special role and responsibility in the preservation and promotion of the national scientific, intellectual and cultural heritage and in strengthening the international recognition and appeal of Croatian higher education and science. Furthermore, many universities of applied sciences and private higher education institutions also operate in Zagreb.